The Game

This is a summary of the game. Full gameplay rules will be available in the offical Discord server.

Are you ready?




A group of amateur paranormal investigators have been found dead under mysterious circumstances.

You have been sent the link to their personal Discord server.

Maybe you had one of them in your contacts as an acquaintance...

Maybe you're a close friend or a family member.

But more importantly...

How can someone who is dead send you a link to their Discord server?!

As one of five investigators, you will be tasked with discovering the secrets behind the server you've been invited to.

Each of the five ghosts have a story to tell, and a collection of frights to spook you with!

Gameplay will be set in real-time over a set of hours and days established by the players' availability, so be sure to share your schedule.

And beware...

This Discord is full of GHOSTS!