No drama, no bigotry, no unkindness, please handle yourself like an adult!

Warnings will be given for minor infractions, such as continuing a topic when someone asks it be dropped,

but major infractions will result in a kick or even a full ban from the game.

If something comes up with another member in the group, contact a mod in private if you can't resolve it.

Please don't bring outside issues with others into the game or the server itself!

This game is 20+

For the comfort of players, this game is for adults only, and the reason you are expected to act like one! :)

If you are found lying about your age, you will be kicked immediately and banned from future games,

even if you turn 20 in just a few months. PLEASE do not lie!

PG-13 content only

Age limit notwithstanding, this is a lighthearted server, so please keep even NSFW jokes to a minimum.

Explicit sexual mentions, major gore, trauma themes, and excessive bathroom humor are not permitted.

Please behave as though there is a PG-13 rating on this RP, and do NOT try to push the limits.

Repeatedly toeing the line will get you a warning, and a kick if you persist.

Cooperation is key!

In this RP, some players will be given the opportunity to act 'GM-like', and guide the narrative.

Please don't use this as a chance to push your own agenda! Work together with other players, again, as an adult.

Likewise, there will be free chances for some players to do things like change channel names, make new channels, etc.

Do not take this as free reign to spam, vandalize, or otherwise disrupt the server with your changes,

and don't overwrite or outright contradict what your fellow players have decided without consulting them.

Use your best judgement, don't start fights, and be reasonable about your choices, please!

Lighthearted, not absurd

While you're encouraged to keep things a little silly in this game, please don't make it a fully absurd adventure.

This is a light distinction, and will not get you a kick unless you are excessively disrupting the game--

Absurdity can generally be considered 'lol XD random!!' type humor, and refusing the engage with the narrative.

If you're adding humor to the game, please try to make it humor with a purpose, not humor just for the sake of being goofy.

A little silliness is perfectly fine, as is doing something for the bit, just make sure it's not ALL you do!